For an easy friendly

Wind-Solar and Storage

system installation.


With Proyten hybrid synchronizer renewable energy in your house is

simpler than ever and needs little space.

We designed, a power system easy to install that combines wind and solar electric converter with Lithium storage technologies.

All our products are designed to develop power solutions that use clean energy, run quietly and can be easily transported.


Our “hybrid” system combines both wind and solar electric technologies to deliver

continuous power

 24 hours a day in all season of the year.

In fact the peak operating times for

wind and solar systems occur at different

times of the day.


Every ray of sun and each blow of wind are captured and stored in the built in storage system for a continuous production of energy.

All in



The Proyten Hybrid synchronizer by AMG Italian Energy Storage is a powerful all-in-one solution for solar and wind energy converter alltogether  with a storage system, delivering a clean true sine wave output power.


The built-in intelligent charger, automatically charges the Lithium type of batteries.

The compact design makes solar and wind energy interactive installations easier and more cost effective.

It is a high quality product that offers the best price-performance ratio in the industry.




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